What We Do

Sound To Picture

Using Avid Pro Tools HD, Pro Tools Control and X-Raid backup servers we provide sound editing, design and effects recording, ADR, VO recording and dub-mixing services to support any narrative or moving image project. Our mix deliveries are fully compliant with loudness standards and come in a range of formats (2.0, 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos) depending on your requirements.

Our workflow is industry standard, that means we can collaborate with ease when working with other post production houses, mix stages, freelancers, foley artists and composers. With over a decade of experience working with Avid systems for clients in the UK and internationally.

Dialogue forms the backbone of any narrative picture. We offer a comprehensive dialogue service that includes ADR (automated dialogue replacement), VO recording and casting, denosing, dialogue editing and mixing.

Game Sound Design & Implementation

Audio content creation for non-linear formats using Avid Pro Tools HD and Reaper to provide a robust and customisable workflow for our clients. We have experience in delivering cinematics with game engine timelines, DSP development in proprietary software and working with multiple disciplines within game development who are key stakeholders in the creative process.

Wwise is fast becoming the leading audio middleware solution in games development. We have experience with Wwise in a live production environment. Profiling, performance testing, asset management, binaural and 7.1.4 mixing, acoustic design for digital environments.

At Output Audio we have a dialogue service package that combines the best from traditional casting and recording practise with the latest online digital services. This allows us to remain cost effective for clients whilst still offering a studio dialogue service for those who require premium voice talent in their production.

Sound Effects Recording

We have a wealth of experience recording bespoke effects for use in film, TV and video game productions. We offer a tailored service to suit clients who want exclusive, high quality sound effects content for ambience, vehicles, firearms, props, voices, foley and antiquities… whatever your production needs, we’ll find it and capture the sound you’re looking for. Why not head on over to our e-store on asoundeffect.com and grab yourself some sounds today!


We source, produce, mix and master soundtrack for TV, film, video games, commercial branding and streaming service providers. Working with experienced composers and performance artists, Output Audio provides a custom service for every soundtrack client that aims to enhance and reinforce your narrative or brand message to your audience with awe inspiring, captivating and epic soundtrack pieces in all musical genres.