The Renegade Recordists Volume 1 Complete

OTA_ITM2D_Full-Size-Box---The-Renegade-Recordists-Vol.1The Renegade Recordists Volume 1 Complete is the full collection of general effects for this edition. This includes the Ambience/Weather/Water and Transport selections alongside 8 other sound groups.

WAV Files: 751

Runtime: 03:08:56 approximately

Sample Rate/Bit Depth: 96KHz 24Bit

Formats: Mono/Stereo

Data: 5.5+ GB unzipped (3.5 GB .rar download)

£30 / $39

  Sound Categories Included:

  • Ambience
  • Animal
  • Crowd
  • Destruction
  • Friction
  • Impacts
  • Industrial
  • Machines Devices
  • Open Close
  • Planes
  • Trains
  • Vehicles
  • Weather
  • Water

The collection features original recordings from a variety of sources, with the majority of sounds having multiple versions from the same source as variation. Whilst offering a range of original content in the destruction and impacts sound groups, there is also a selection of pre-made design material created from the source content. You can choose to create your own sounds or use the pre-made options for quick results.

“Its nice to have some new sounds in my library thats different to all the same old samples you hear again and again. I can use this on any project, there’s some great recordings here!”

Laszlo Vincze Sound Designer Crysis Warhead, Crysis 2, Crysis 3, Rise, The Witcher 3

With current trends in the sound effects market place, many developers including Output Audio now offer very specialist libraries for specific types of content. Whilst this is useful for isolated instances it sometimes doesn’t offer a wide range of sound sources with broad applications for a low cost. This is why we have created The Renegade Recordists collection. To offer a broad range of sound effects that still contain detail and variation but also cover a wide variety of common situations sound designers and audio editors deal with on a regular basis. The library also offers a broad selection of material that can be used in the design process for creating new sound effects.

BWF sound files come with encoded metadata for a fast and efficient workflow in Soundminer/Basehead.

All sound libraries come with a PDF document that contains further relevant information, a metadata spreadsheet and audio content.  We hope you enjoy!

This library includes the exclusive mini collections from vol.1

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