Dirt & Asphalt Volume 1


Dirt & Asphalt Volume 1 is the first addition of vehicle and transportation recordings from Output Audio. This library contains a selection of recordings from 3 road bikes, with additional bonus content from other road motorbikes.

WAV Files: 161

Runtime: 01:51:41 approximately

Sample Rate/Bit Depth: 96KHz 24Bit

Formats: Stereo

Data: 3.6+ GB unzipped (2.3 GB .rar download)

£45 / $58.50

Road Bikes Included:

  • Yamaha 450cc Thumper
  • Triumph 600cc Dual Fuel Injection
  • Aprillia RST 1000cc Futura
  • A selection of bonus pass-bys and externals from a range of high performance bikes

All 3 bikes have been recorded externally and with onboards to provide a wide range of editing options for film, TV and video game applications. Acceleration and deceleration ramps have also been provided so the content can be replayed using granular synthesis techniques most commonly used in video game applications.

Output Audio have experience in the racing game genre as part of the team that recorded a wide variety of high performance vehicles for the video game ‘Need For Speed Rivals’.

“We set out to record a selection of speeds and manoeuvres from each bike, so a range of situations can be recreated in the studio. I always try to record vehicles in a way that the content can be used easily to provide trailers, films, game assets and more. Using a combination of external and onboard takes, each bike can be redesigned to suit your requirements”

Nick Dixon Driving Experience Sound Designer & Recordist Need For Speed Most Wanted, Need For Speed Rivals        

BWF sound files come with encoded metadata for a fast and efficient workflow in Soundminer/Basehead.

All sound libraries come with a PDF document that contains further relevant information, a metadata spreadsheet and audio content.  We hope you enjoy!